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Da nang beach

1) Hit the beach
Da nang may have its fair share of sand in the area, but make sure that you take a trip out to one of the wonderful beaches to be found in this stunning city. With white sand and deep blue seas, the seaside in Da nang is heavenly.

2) Make the most of your hotels
Resorts such as the intercontinental Resort offer some fantastic facilities so make sure that you make the most of the accommodation that you stay in. You can easily book a room online at resorts in Da Nang Vietnam. There are some great things to see and do in the city of Da nang but if you have paid for a swanky hotel to stay in, enjoy it while you have the chance.

3) Go shopping
Da nang is full of fantastic shops, from designer outlets to local market stalls. If you take a trip to this amazing city make sure you do at least a spot of retail therapy. Here you can find fabulous jewellery, stylish clothes, gold from the Asia and a huge number of other items of interest and beauty.


4) Bash some dunes
Da nang bashing is here you head out to the desert to take on the dunes in a four-wheel drive vehicle. Jump in an SUV and have the time of your life before returning to the city for superb food and drink.


5) Eat out
Speaking of food and drink you have to hit the many restaurants in Da nang while you are there. There are excellent standards in dining in this metropolis and you can get fab food in every possible style you can think of.


6) Go golfing
The number of ex pats in Da nang plus the affluent local population mean that there are pursuits like golf to play, and there are some beautiful golf courses to play on with amazing views of the ocean, the wild dunes of the desert and the sparkling tips on the huge sky-scraping buildings.


7) Hit the piste
Yes Da nang is a city in the South East Asia so you might be surprised to hear that you can actually go skiing here. There is an awesome indoor ski slope in the city where you can take a break from the hot sun and cool off on skis or snowboards.


8) Carry on cruising
To see the best of the area you should really take a Da nang cruise up the creek to see the city from a different perspective.

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